2020 Masthead

2o20 Masthead


Jessica Kidd

Managing Editor, Digital, Visual Arts Editor, and Web Designer

Jessica Kidd is studying Liberal Arts: Social Sciences & Humanities at LaGuardia Community College. As the editor of The Lit, she is proud to help share her fellow students’ artwork, poetry, and stories. For more info visit her website.



Niko Balkaran

Managing Editor, Fiction, and Dramatic Writing Editor

Niko Balkaran is graduating from LaGuardia with an Associates in Journalism. He plans on pursuing journalism further at York College. His hobbies besides reading and writing are discovering new foods from around the world and video games. You can keep up with his adventures on Twitter @dredgenwolfe and Instagram @hellonikohere.


Andrea Amoroso

Poetry, Visual Art, and Fiction Editor; Social Media Manager

Andrea Amoroso is a Creative Writing major at LaGuardia Community College, estimated time of graduation winter 2020. She is passionate about art in its many forms and her favorite genres to read and write are fantasy and science fiction. Undecided as of yet where to transfer to a four year, she plans to take a gap year to pursue and develop personal book projects.


Carmen Guerrero

Visual Art & Poetry Editor

Carmen Guerrero is a Journalism major at LaGuardia Community College. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she enjoys playing her ukulele, drinking cold black coffee, and creating abstract sketches. She has worked in a group publication for W.C.S. and Fordham University on lichen studies in 2017. Interested in the field of Ecology, Carmen aspires to be an editor for National Geographic one day.


Mekhi Harper

Fiction Editor

Mekhi Harper is a junior at LaGuardia Community College majoring in creative writing. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He loves to create fiction stories that are based on both science fiction and the supernatural. In 2015 when he was in 9th grade, his fiction story called “Hybrid” was published in his high school magazine. His goal is to become a fiction writer who creates superhero stories and to maybe adapt them into movies.


Brianna Jo Hobson

Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction Editor

Brianna Hobson is a Creative Writing major at LaGuardia Community College. Her interests encompass taxidermy, entomology, mortuary science, horror movies, and cemetery photography. She writes gothic horror fiction and surreal narrative poetry. Her poem “Gargoyle” was published on the poet Eileen R.Tabios’ blog, Eileen Verbs Books, and her poem “Organ Grinder” and short story “Heart-Shaped Box” were printed in the 2019 paper-edition of The Lit. She is currently composing creative work in a modicum of genres: including screenplays, poetry, creative nonfiction, and short stories. Her future career plans involve becoming a book publishing editor and procuring an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

Wilson Illescas

New Media Editor

Wilson Illescas is a journalism major in his second year at LaGuardia Community College; he is interested in psychology, videography, and creative writing as well. In his spare time he likes to read novels, read up on world news, and write in a journal. He recently picked up painting in acrylic. He aspires to one day be an author with a career in journalism and also write for the New York Times.

Ambar Paulino

Fiction Editor

Ambar Paulino is a creative writing major at LaGuardia Community College. After LaGuardia she plans on going to the New York Film Academy to study screenwriting, movie production and movie directing. Her interests include writing stories of all kinds of genre, reading, and finding new music. Her favorite books are currently Crazy by Han Nolan and Anger Is a Gift by Mark Oshiro.