Editor’s Note

Dear reader,

Welcome to the 2024 issue of The Lit

The team this year was tasked with identifying the major themes from all the strong and poignant pieces created by the students of LaGuardia. It became clear through our sessions as a group that the contributors this year were telling us some of the boldest, most vulnerable, and most ambitious stories we’ve come across. The truth, whether it be about our families or first loves, was the most consistent motif throughout the assembly of this year’s issue. We heard your voices, we read your stories, and we found our theme among you all. 

Honesty, though difficult, is a tool of self-liberation, and that is why it has never been more important to make and share art with one another than it is today. 

So thank you for your creativity, for your sincerity, and your talent. We could not curate this issue without you.