Category: Creative Nonfiction 2024

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Image of men staring at each other on a train with some tension.

On Openness

by Victor Garate

As he usually did when greeting me, my dad held the back of my neck and planted a kiss on my forehead. I didn’t greet him back.

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by Ethan Velez

I was still quite young when my mother told me about her dream where she found me having sex with another man. When my mother told me about her dream, I saw her bewildered eyes, her lowered lips, her shoulders turned away from me.

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Black and white image of two women looking out a window.

She and I

by Victoria Segarra

She wears warm, vibrant colors. I wear cold, muted colors. Her voice is loud and distinct. She often asks me to repeat myself because I’m so quiet.

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Otra Vida

by Emily Ramos

For parts of my early childhood, my mother was a vampire. A part of her was this creature that couldn’t be fully seen—someone I couldn’t fully recognize.

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Close-up of woman's weathered hands cutting and peeling an avocado

Mango from Bongo

by Raisa Zannat

Every passerby who walks in front of her house carries a bit of my grandmother’s love with them. Everyone who enjoys the mangoes relishes a part of the love that my grandmother had to offer.