2024 Editorial Masthead

Kevin Cruz is a Creative Writing major at LaGuardia Community College. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He likes to spend his time listening to music and writing stories. Upon graduating, Kevin plans on working as a writer and creating many different stories.

Victor Garate will graduate from LaGuardia Community College at the end of the Spring session of 2024, with an A.A in Journalism. On the side, he works as an after school teacher in Queens. He grew up around Jackson Heights. He hopes to continue his education and earn his Bachelor’s Degree. His hobbies include watching YouTube videos, playing soccer, and reading articles about new and interesting things.

Tammy Junor Browne is currently a student at LaGuardia Community College, majoring in Social Science and Humanities department. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys anything that’s stimulating, likes being out and about, and is ready for what the world has to offer. She always thrives to show her creativity, such as coming up with cool ideas for her nails or makeup. She’s a diva and is willing to step on the toes of those who are not a team player.

Stand-in imageDaraen Kyi served as co-editor of the Flash Fiction Team of The Lit. He runs around in Queens, often spending time creating art and other fan works. Fiction has a special place in his art, paving the way for him to create his own written pieces with freedom, self expression, and especially anthropological references.

Danaiya Odom is 20 years old. She’s an aspiring writer and poet currently working on getting her associates in liberal arts: journalism. Her goal for the Lit magazine is to show a different side of poetry to LaGuardia and hopefully help expose the lit to people outside of LaGuardia. After LaGuardia she plans on continuing her work in poetry and publishing her own works of writing. She wishes to earn a spot on the list of the most prestigious and influential writers.


Vanesa Paulino served as co-editor for the Flash Fiction and Art teams. Her is a full-time student at LaGuardia Community College and is earning his A.A. in Creative Writing. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he is an avid fan of comics, video games and art. He hopes to use his attained skills to one day create comics.

Joel Pazmiño Rodriguez served as co-editor of the Flash Fiction Team of The Lit 2023 and Editor in the The Lit 2024 issue. He is a 2023 Graduate of LaGuardia Community College with an A.A. in English. He is also a lover of the outdoors and traveling, and takes inspiration from his adventures. With his love of storytelling, he hopes to publish his stories and copy-edit in the publishing industry.

Devika Shewpaltan served as a co-editor of the Flash Fiction Team in the Lit . Her major is pre law and broadcast journalism. She was born in Guyana. Devika is a passionate Indian classical dancer, singer, and musical instrument performer.

Ethan Velez is a writer, editor, sculptor, photographer, and New York native from Washington Heights. He’s submitted two flash fiction pieces to The Lit, one of which won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Creative Writing. His biggest inspirations comes from New York City, his mom, and Nan Goldin.