Contributors 2024

Photographer and environmental science student Isabella V. Allwood collected these photographs during her time spend with family in Albany, GA. Her goal with the photographs in this issue is to showcase how the south and especially the town of Albany has remained the same, from the iconic peach trees to the vintage ice machine. Allwood wanted to capture the beauty of southern charm through her own eyes with low lighting, shadows, motion, and daytime flash to create a southern gothic theme. 

Alondra Barrales is a student at LaGuardia Community College and crocheted the “Wings of Love” shawl. Its colors are inspired by the vibrant colors of the LGBTQIA flag and it features a delicate butterfly pattern. The butterfly symbolizes change and affection which aligns with the spirit of the LGBTQIA community.

Layla Barrett grew up in Southside Jamaica, Queens. She loves poetry, which she views as the sister of rap. She believes being raw is the best way to express her upbringing and letting people know they aren’t alone. 

Isabella Brosi is 18 years old and a freshman at LaGuardia on the path to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Her passion for writing comes a close second to her love for animals, both of which go back to her childhood. It was not until her teenage years that she developed a soft spot for poetry and began writing some of her own. Some of her favorite poets are Emily Dickinson and Sappho, creators of some of the most beautiful wlw poems in history. She also loves Mary Oliver. You can follow her poetry account on instagram @solaceinastanza.

Jocelyn Carrasco is current psychology major who works a peer mentor and staff writer for LaGuardia’s student newspaper The Bridge.

Alvi Chowdhury is an English Creative Writing major at LaGuardia Community College. He takes passion from engaging in creative writing, cultural analysis, and delving into the realms of history, ethnic studies, leftism, and pedagogy. 

Tai Coronación is a first-year student at Laguardia studying psychology. As a first generation Filipino American, she hopes to shed light on the importance of cultural identity in a society that mainly applauds Western ideals. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with New York Cares, walking her cat through Central Park, and exploring the city with her friends.

Jennifer De La Cruz lives and hardly ever writes in Brooklyn, New York.

Victor Garate majors in journalism at LaGuardia Community College. He will graduate this semester and hopefully go on to earn his bachelor’s degree.

Caleb Hogan dreams of writing/developing an indie Neo-noir Horror game, and is currently experimenting with poetry and flash fictions in an attempt to develop his writing style. Though not a fan of poetry, he accepted the challenge of writing it anyway because he found that the ideas acquired by experimenting with the medium could be useful for future projects.

Danaiya Odom is currently a student at LaGuardia college and a student-intern for The Lit. After an expected graduation in the fall, she hopes to continue to reach her aspirations. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and give an outlet to people through her writing. 

Matthew Pacuruco is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Creative Writing and will soon be transferring to Queens College (to get that expensive Bachelor Degree!). He has recently embraced his sexual identity as a sad gay latino. He hopes to connect with the LGBTQIA community and others with his poetry and stories. Follow @__matty__ for more content!

Joel Pazmiño is a LaGuardia alum, hoarder of books, and Queens native. As a writer, he hopes to publish a collection of stories and copy edit in the publishing industry.

Emily Ramos is an aspiring Latina writer and hopes to work in the publishing industry to bring more Latina voices into the world to further uplift her community. She is currently pursuing her Associate Degree in Creative Writing and commits to getting a Bachelor’s Degree in the same field.

Colombian and transgender, artist Len Rivera experiments with colors and light to reveal what resides on the soul. With their drawing “Sunnier Morning,” the artist aims to depict people’s bodies as their safe place. “This summer I’ll feel safer, now that I took another step forward in my transition.”

Victoria Segarra is a Creative Writing alum from LaGuardia Community College. She is a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx, where she discovered a love for writing while in middle school.

Ethan Velez is a writer and journalist based in New York City. He loves writing and believes it is something everyone should do. Some of his biggest inspirations include his mom and Nan Goldin.

Alessandra Ventura is a Latina creative from Astoria, Queens. Born in Mexico City, she is making it her mission to reconnect with her roots and implement her culture into her work. She has a love for any form of writing but her main favorites are prose and poetry. A recovering theatre kid and LAGCC Alum, her favorite pastimes are re-reading the Percy Jackson series and helping out at the LAGCC Writing Center. 

Akasha Weeratne is a student at CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College. She is an activist, poet, and actor who was born and raised in New York City. Her background is a mix of Latinx and West Indian heritage. Akasha’s love for writing began at a young age, serving as an outlet for her to express her thoughts on generational trauma, sexual violence, and colonization. She sees writing as an opportunity to create art in a world dominated by Western ideals and eurocentric standards. She aims to unify her culture through her writing and amplify voices of other marginalized groups.

Raisa Zannat is an Advertising and PR student at City College, specializing in Journalism. She holds an Associate of Arts in English from LaGuardia, where she served as a Student Success Mentor and co-editor for the Lit magazine’s 2023 edition. Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Raisa relocated to New York in 2019. Currently, she is focused on gaining experience in marketing and advertising, aiming for a managerial position in an agency. Additionally, Raisa harbors a keen interest in academia and aspires to pursue a Ph.D. for future teaching endeavors.