Category: Interview 2024

Interview with Binita Shrestha

Interview by Vanesa Paulino What made you want to submit your artworks to The Lit Magazine? I wanted to submit my artwork to The Lit Magazine to share my perspective and connect with a wider […]

Interview with Isabella Allwood

Click here to view Allwood’s photographs in the 2024 issue. Interview by Tammy Browne and Christopher Schmidt You write in your contributor’s bio that you took the photographs in this portfolio when you returned to […]

Interview with Matthew Pacuruco

Interview by Kevin Cruz What inspired you or gave you the inspiration to write this piece? What inspired me to write this piece was the idea of how my life took a turn when I […]

Interview with Akasha Weeratne

Interview by Daraen Kyi ‘What was your process in writing this? Why did you choose a poem format, for example? What led you to this topic? The process of writing this was surprisingly easy. I […]

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Interview with Emily Ramos

Interviewed by Joel Pazmiño via email What was writing this piece like for you? Writing “Otra Vida” was unexpected. The first time I read the prompt in my creative writing class, I had a completely […]

Interview with victoria segarra

Interview by Victor Garate Did you plan to use the “she-and-I” format before writing this piece, or did it come naturally as you wrote? I wrote “She and I” as an assignment for my creative […]

Interview with Alvi Chowdhury

Interview by Ethan Velez Let’s start with the title – where did it come from, how did you decide on it? The title “The Art of the Anxious” came very naturally to me. Anxiety is a […]