Interview with Binita Shrestha

Interview by Vanesa Paulino

What made you want to submit your artworks to The Lit Magazine?

    I wanted to submit my artwork to The Lit Magazine to share my perspective and connect with a wider audience who appreciate contemporary art.

    What is the name of the art style you used? Who or what gave you the inspiration for it?

      I believe we call it mandala. I started drawing this in 2020, as there was a lockdown in almost every country because of COVID and I had a lot of free time. But now this is my healing activity because whenever I feel stressed, I play music and open my art book, then start to create what I imagine and draw the things that make me happy.

      What did you want to invoke in viewers who saw your artworks? 

        I want viewers to feel a sense of wonder and curiosity, encouraging them to explore their own emotions and thoughts through the art.