Category: Fiction 2020

A Doll’s Tea Party

by Destiny Rosales When I was 6 years old, my older brother convinced me to join him in watching what he described as “a funny movie about a girl who finds a magic doll.” In […]

Primp and Polish

by Suzzette Jimenez [Trigger Warning: Domestic Abuse] She blew out her bangs with a large round brush as she got ready for work.  She feared the thinner round brush could not do the job of […]


by Berniya Dudley [Trigger Warning: Suicide] As I stand here and think about the events that led me to this bridge, I hear a car door slam close. I instantly freeze. I just wait. Suddenly, […]

How to Starve Yourself

by Leslie Munoz-Reyes It all starts in primary school, when you’re adored for your smallness.  “She’s so cute,” your aunts would coo. “She looks just like a mouse,” your uncles would say as they lifted […]

Golden Cage

by Carolyn Merino The sun rubs its warm light on my face, the only way I’ve come to wake up. I’ve lost track of  the time and the day. I don’t care about the weather […]

The Bickering Mule

by Raki Jordan Harlem’s streets are never  dull. There’s the constant sound of scattering rats and swerving cars and car horns and babbling talking tongues, and music blaring beats from the windows  hovering over your […]