Category: Art 2022

Letting Go

by Stephanie Barrera Moran Stephanie Barrera Moran is a Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities major at LaGuardia Community College. Her self portrait includes linocut printmaking and the use of acrylic paint. She’s using flowers […]

Statue of Transition

by Maria Clara Perez Maria Clara Perez is Fine Arts student at LaGuardia Community College from Venezuela, who moved 3 years ago and is still experiencing the unlimited beauty of New York while expressing her […]

Art Work

by blessing kalu wilson blessing kalu wilson is an art student of LaGuardia Community College. This is their first published art work.

Self Portrait

by Lhakpa Doma Some Questions for Lhakpa Doma What inspired you to create “Self Portrait”? This is a self portrait which represents my religion, my ambition, and my personal nature. In the picture the flower […]


by Jeffrey Quinde Some Questions For Jeffrey Quinde What inspired you to create “Deprecandi”? One of my biggest flaws as a person is to sabotage myself with any opportunity given to me. I want to […]