Author: riannacruz

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I Pledge Allegiance

by Dom Glover [after Danez Smith]   You remember how in school they used to make us recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Each morning our young undeveloped overstimulated selves would be giddier than a motherfucker […]

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Three Poems

by Paris Armstrong Existential Sex The sweat at his brow slides down, then up, following touch Gasps and laughter start and stop haltingly Quiet now, be quiet. Too loud or they might hear Her lips […]

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Childhood Fragments

by Favi Olmedo Chaotic mornings. Shoes scattered across the living room floor. Missing hairbrush, untamable bedhead. Blurting things out at random times. At the wrong times. Being carried after a bath, to bed, just because. […]