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Some Questions for Alexandra Rivera

What inspired you to write “A Promise Goes Both Ways”? I wrote “A Promise Goes Both Ways” for my introduction to creative writing course after being prompted to create a flash fiction piece. “A Promise […]

Some Questions for Victoria Segarra

What inspired you to write “Ode to a Strange Planet”? I actually wrote “Ode To A Strange Planet” as an assignment for a creative writing course I took last year at LaGuardia. We had to […]

Some Questions for Kaylin Rivera

What inspired you to write “Era Death”? “Era Death” was something that I randomly thought of. We’ve seen the idea of writing letters to your child self and letting them know you’ve succeeded or are […]

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by Rianna Cruz The colors of summer are a beautiful sight They make so many things look better in the light, And though summer is a short flight, It can tend to feel like the […]

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Loving a Soldier

by Franchesca Cuba Again, in my window Waiting for his return Engrossed in my pain, the moon takes the floor Yes, the moon She tells me that he will return Let me prepare a place […]

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Era Death

to all the versions of myself that I’ve killed by Kaylin Rivera [CW // sexual assault] Circa 15, 16. Kaylin, Pressured by your so-called friends around you to give away the one thing that you […]

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A Promise Goes Both Ways

by Alexandra Rivera “Hey, bean…? If I ever become one of those things, I want you to put a bullet in my head.” I was still maintaining my faith in societal restoration and keeping track […]

Some Questions for Robbie Atienza

What was your writing process like for this piece? In my creative writing course last semester, I was tasked with writing a flash fiction piece. I took that opportunity to write a horror story because […]

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The Little Differences

by Raisa Zannat On a bright winter morning, I waited inside an army jeep parked outside of a red guesthouse in Sajek Valley, a little valley located in the mountainous southern part of Bangladesh. My uncle […]


by Jasmine Chan Jasmine is a Malaysian-Chinese Queens-based illustrator and concept artist who just graduated from SVA with a BFA in Illustration. She designs and draws characters and environments for video games and animations. You […]

I Don’t Believe in Subtlety

by Josseline Cruz Garcia Josseline Cruz Garcia is an artist based in NYC. As a queer, latinx woman with depression & PTSD she faced many difficulties in her life that she learned to overcome through […]

Some Questions for Matthew Pacuruco

How did you begin this piece? Did the poem take a sudden turn that even you didn’t expect while writing? I began this piece during the early beginnings of the pandemic. Being enclosed and tightened […]

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Cold Show

by Matthew Pacuruco [CW // suicide]   Film. Broadcast. Edit. Work is almost done. I slouch when it’s already dawn. I can feel his presence from here. Noises from his footsteps make me want to look […]


by Maria Huertas Maria Huertas is a Fine Arts student at LaGuardia Community College.  

Thrift Shop

by Maria Clara Some questions we had for the artist… What is the inspiration behind your art? The inspiration behind my art is fear. Fear prevents us from doing stuff that we enjoy, just because […]

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Senses Of Grief

by Melony Hodge Butterflies, corner eyes, reflections on dark screens. Quick looks, Red, red, red, red, red, and red again. Mickey Mouse and vivid dreams. Loud noises, unexplained. Cackling laughs, mischievous baby girl. So many […]


by Maria Clara Maria C. Perez is a Venezuelan artist who moved to New York four years ago looking for better opportunities. She works with different mediums and subjects to experiment with the different styles […]

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I Pledge Allegiance

by Dom Glover [after Danez Smith]   You remember how in school they used to make us recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Each morning our young undeveloped overstimulated selves would be giddier than a motherfucker […]

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Remembering When

by Melony Hodge  Home. It’s still there. Even after all the other addresses 878, where it all began. I remember When Holiday traditions bled into growing up When love and magic kept us fed Cookouts, […]

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by Robbie Atienza There is something in the walls. I can feel it. Sometimes, I sense that I’m being watched, observed, like a fish in a glass bowl. These last few months, it’s as though […]

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Three Poems

by Paris Armstrong Existential Sex The sweat at his brow slides down, then up, following touch Gasps and laughter start and stop haltingly Quiet now, be quiet. Too loud or they might hear Her lips […]

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The Cardboard Piano

by David Garate (Within the confines of a shoebox, amongst a vast crowd of paperfish). He is laborious, The one on the cardboard piano. One of many who climb the stairs And waltz on stage. […]

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My Best Friend

by Juan Paredes   Some days I miss you dearly On bad days you consoled me On good days you celebrated with me When reality gets too much you embrace me No matter where I’m […]

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Childhood Fragments

by Favi Olmedo Chaotic mornings. Shoes scattered across the living room floor. Missing hairbrush, untamable bedhead. Blurting things out at random times. At the wrong times. Being carried after a bath, to bed, just because. […]