Thrift Shop

by Maria Clara

Some questions we had for the artist…

What is the inspiration behind your art?

The inspiration behind my art is fear.
Fear prevents us from doing stuff that we enjoy, just because we might not be successful or might not even earn money by doing so. So every time I look at a finished artwork I remind myself that If i wasn’t brave enough to go for it, my artwork would never have been made.

What mediums did you use to make this piece?

In “Thrift Shop” the assignment was to experiment with a lot of texture and what better way than fabric and clothes? The material for this art piece is acrylic paint over canvas, granulated acrylic medium, and gloss medium.

Maria C. Perez is a Venezuelan artist who moved to New York four years ago looking for better opportunities. She works with different mediums and subjects to experiment with the different styles an artist can have.