by Rianna Cruz

The colors of summer are a beautiful sight
They make so many things look better in the light,
And though summer is a short flight,
It can tend to feel like the time of your life:
From the soft summer breeze kissing your hands,
To my white painted toes feeling the sand,
Even the way I want to hold your hand;
Summer is sparks flying in the skies painted blue,
And even when the sky needs to cry,
It tends to not change the mood
Because the sun still comes out to take a dive
And gives us the summer – we thrive;
It’s full of beauty, hope, and happiness;
From the smiles of children when they see the ice cream man,
The way flowers blossom more into color,
Reflecting yellow, orange – a rainbow,
A rainbow of sunshine around us all;
Tender love and fulfillment,
Filled with the stickiness of ice cream and sweetness;
Summer reminds you to smile through the cold times,
Cause sometimes it’s hard to make the weather rhyme.
As long as we have family and each other,
It’s always going to feel like summer.

Rianna Cruz is currently a student at LaGuardia who will be graduating in 2023. Her love for writing has inspired her to keep going not only in school, but also in life. She will be the first to graduate college from her family and will continue the legacy of being the poem writer in her family and doing what she loves the most.

Image credit: “Coney Island,” simplethrill. Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.