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Image of men staring at each other on a train with some tension.

On Openness

by Victor Garate

As he usually did when greeting me, my dad held the back of my neck and planted a kiss on my forehead. I didn’t greet him back.

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Abtract pattern with some day-glo colors against a black-and-white background.

Just Look Away

by Caleb Hogan

It’s the end of the month
you’re staying up until midnight
waiting for your Link card to refill.
You’ve been making peanut butter sandwiches
out of stale crackers all week.

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Black and white image of two women looking out a window.

She and I

by Victoria Segarra

She wears warm, vibrant colors. I wear cold, muted colors. Her voice is loud and distinct. She often asks me to repeat myself because I’m so quiet.

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Otra Vida

by Emily Ramos

For parts of my early childhood, my mother was a vampire. A part of her was this creature that couldn’t be fully seen—someone I couldn’t fully recognize.

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Image of car on highway in rearview window.

Going to the Shop

by Joel Pazmiño

He knows the gravity of what happened that Wednesday morning on the highway, and who’s responsible and who’s to blame and what to do and this and that. He knows.

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Blurred photograph of New York City subway

My Commute

by Layla Barrett

Smell of piss and shit, burnt coffee, New York Times.

Women and children on trains selling sweets

Anything to help make ends meet.

Interview with Isabella Allwood

Click here to view Allwood’s photographs in the 2024 issue. Interview by Tammy Browne and Christopher Schmidt You write in your contributor’s bio that you took the photographs in this portfolio when you returned to […]

Interview with Matthew Pacuruco

Interview by Kevin Cruz What inspired you or gave you the inspiration to write this piece? What inspired me to write this piece was the idea of how my life took a turn when I […]

Some Questions for Alexandra Rivera

What inspired you to write “A Promise Goes Both Ways”? I wrote “A Promise Goes Both Ways” for my introduction to creative writing course after being prompted to create a flash fiction piece. “A Promise […]

Some Questions for Victoria Segarra

What inspired you to write “Ode to a Strange Planet”? I actually wrote “Ode To A Strange Planet” as an assignment for a creative writing course I took last year at LaGuardia. We had to […]