Can I Have a Dream?

Black and white photograph of woman looking up, her hands clasped.

by Danaiya Odom

Who do dreams belong to? 

The hopeless?

The restless

The silver spooners?

Or do they belong to the stars? 

To a place beyond infinite imagination. 

A place where only the most optimistic reside. 

I want to grab hold of these dreams. 

Keep them close in my clutch. 

Hold on so tight they can not be swiped by the hopeless.

The restless.

The silver spooners. 

So I can be among the optimists and the stars. 

So I can escape the reality I’m subjected to. 

So that maybe I can be where the most precious dreams belong. 

—Sincerely , a dreamer

Danaiya Odom is currently a student at LaGuardia college and a student-intern for The Lit. After graduating in the fall, she hopes to continue to reach her aspirations. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and give an outlet to people through her writing.

Image: “Hope” by Jay Hsu, reproduced through CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED.