Have You Considered Therapy?

Image of man with contorted, distressed expression on his face. "Self-Portrait" by Egon Schiele, 1911. Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Open Access

by Caleb Hogan

What the fuck are you talking about?

I never called you that.

That never happened.

Maybe you’re just                                                                                      Insecure.

Do you have a                                                                                     victim complex?

Have you considered

the                                                                   rapY?

Maybe                                                                                                                                     they

can help

you with

this. Because

I can’t deal      with y0u         right         now
You could have



or         s o    me   t    h            I n     g

Honestly                                           it’s                                                       so                   u n f   a  ir
that u           make

me deal with   YOUR       STUPID           FUC    KING

problems !

Okay fine I said it.

But it wasn’t that bad.

You’re just sensitive.

Honestly you’re so

sense       itive(yoU         really should

seek help.

It’s n  o   t fair

that everyone                   has to

deal with your             d e l u s I o N S!

This is probably why you don’t     have                           friends

Like who would want to be around you?

How dare I?

Wait what?

Whoa, slow down, You’re not going anywhere.

You can’t just leave me.

Wait, I’m sorry.

What do you mean you see through my bullshit? I’m not lying!

Please don’t- shit, I’m sorry let’s just talk about this.

How can you say you’re done?

I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have said that just please give me another chance.

Not falling for it? I’m not lying! I mean it this time!

This time it’ll be different, I know I keep saying that but-

Don’t walk out- goddammit!!


Caleb Hogan dreams of writing/developing an indie Neo-noir Horror game, and is currently experimenting with poetry and flash fictions in an attempt to develop his writing style. Though not a fan of poetry, he accepted the challenge of writing it anyway because he found that the ideas acquired by experimenting with the medium could be useful for future projects.