Midnight Mistress

Image of red celestial body.

by Alessandra Ventura


                                            How often has the moon beheld me from afar

                                    eagerly waiting for my phone to glow?

                          How she must laugh,

             as she watches me giggle

       at yet another 2 am message.

    “Midnight Mistress,” she calls me,

  as she watches me bare myself

to the depths of my soul,

unraveling secret after secret

until I am all laid out

for greedy eyes to soak in.

I deal in intimacy:

in whispered dreams

and stolen kisses.

The light of the moon does not help,

romanticizing my dalliances,

sweeping me up into a starry sky,

dancing amongst the constellations.

I won’t be the person they wake up next to,

that much I know.

but the effulgence allows me to pretend

      that perhaps I can be more

          than just a paramour.

              But then the sun explodes in the sky

                     And there is no hiding from the harsh glare.

                                 And I see those moments for what they are.

                                                 Just a made-up fantasy of a Midnight Mistress,

                                                              hoping for something real in the darkness.                   

Alessandra Ventura is a Latina creative from Astoria Queens. Born in Mexico City, she is making it her mission to reconnect with her roots and implement her culture into her work. She has a love for any form of writing but her main favorites are prose and poetry. A recovering theatre kid and LAGCC Alum, her favorite pastimes are re-reading the Percy Jackson series and helping out at the LAGCC Writing Center.

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