Cold Show

by Matthew Pacuruco

[CW // suicide]


Film. Broadcast. Edit.
Work is almost done. I slouch when it’s already dawn.
I can feel his presence from here. Noises from his footsteps make me want to look over there.
A perfect evening to sit on the bench while it snows. Nature’s beauty is on display.
Memorizing every snowflake.

I am in a bubble.
Around my bubble is snow
And I am happy.
For it’s terrorizing him.

Questions. Questions. Questions.
Answers are invalid. I am freed.
Down those busy streets. Shivering teeth of mine. Filled with excitement.
I am flying on top of those busy streets.

My head turns left.
It’s automatic.

Red. Blue. Red. Blue.
Under me are those lights above me.
I Lose control.
I’m Losing the loss of this world.

Everyone now looks over here.
As I am losing blood.

My head turns right.
It’s tragic.

Ambulance and cops around me.
Near and cluttered around my satire.
I look up at the glass window I shattered.
And then realized on the big screen,

“This just in! LIVE! A citizen jumps out of an office building! Reports about the citizen suffering from a severe mental episode. More updates soon, after these messages…”

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Matthew Pacuruco is a recent LaGuardia student pursuing an associate’s degree in Creative Writing. He wishes to become a writer in the future to share his stories with the public. Coming from an Ecuadorian-descent background, born in the borough of Queens, NY, he ignites pride and dignity to keep and share his experiences living in a Latin family/community. He writes various types of writing such as short stories, poetry, fiction, essays, autobiography, etc. He welcomes you to the vision of his world, and with dear consideration, he hopes you will connect to it as well, in any way possible.

Image credit: “Stadtbaß,” Kai C. Schwarzer. Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.