Loving a Soldier

by Franchesca Cuba

Again, in my window
Waiting for his return

Engrossed in my pain, the moon takes the floor
Yes, the moon
She tells me that he will return
Let me prepare a place and go to meet him
I still could not believe that the moon was talking to me
But yes, the moon
My amazement increases when the stars intervene singing a love song
I wipe my tears and run to the mirror reflecting my radiant face
Suddenly the illusion enters through my window
Yes, the illusion
She brings with her a hope green dress and she tells me again, he will return
He comes; yes, he comes,
The boisterous rain accompanies it and between drop and drop it wets my whole body
Gardenias, sandalwood and roses permeate all my skin
The seagulls of love insist on combing my hair
Yes, the seagulls
My heart beats so fast
Passion paints my lips crimson red
Yes, passion
I go out excited to meet him
The wind blows through my hair
Between rose and rose
I run to meet him and suddenly the sea screams my name
Stops me and adorns my neck
A white and brilliant pearl necklace
In the middle of my joy, I turn around and tell him, I will live with my love by the sea
I continue on my way to see my beloved.
Yes, he returned
Still dressed in uniform and with a firm step, he approaches
I stop and see his face,
He looks loving, tender and dreamy, but even his gaze reflects pain and the ravages of war
He takes me in his arms and my heart surrenders
It is my lover and partner who returned
Suddenly a noise breaks the silence.

Everything is cloudy around me
Awake and in my window, the moon still, pale and without speaking
I can’t escape this reality
I run to the mirror and there lies white hair and wrinkled skin
I only look at an old woman still in love
waiting for a soldier who is her love, who has already died
because an absurd war took him away.


Franchesca served as co-editor in chief for The Lit. She is a student at LaGuardia College. She is a full-time journalism major. She is from Perú and has lived in New York for three years. Currently, she is a math tutor in SGA Tutoring Lab at LaGuardia. She is a lover of poetry, literature and math. She aspires to continue her education after LaGuardia and major in Journalism and dedicate herself to journalism, which she is passionate about. Her hobbies include learning to play the violin, reading, listening to music and spending time with her family.

Image Credit: “Locas noches veraniegas de luna llena (I),” Miquel González Page. Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.