Senses Of Grief

by Melony Hodge

Butterflies, corner eyes, reflections on dark screens.
Quick looks,
Red, red, red, red, red, and red again.
Mickey Mouse and vivid dreams.

Loud noises, unexplained.
Cackling laughs, mischievous baby girl.
So many songs from our past.
Thunder claps, theme songs.
Baby-girl knowing words none of us taught her.

Strong scents of cigarettes, weed, and your cologne.
I close my eyes, breathe in deep,
Knowing when I return to sight, you’ll still be gone.

Alone in tears, lost in my grief,
A firm hand on my shoulder,
Company while I weep.

Don’t cry Melon
I hear you say.
I’m here Melon
I know J, I can sense you all the time, it’s just not the same.

Your absence is so heavy.
My grief, it runs so deep.
Without my brother, my best friend,
I’m left

 Melony Hodge is a full time mom and wife. She loves to read, write, and learn. She spends her time working on her writing and teaching her toddler daughter sign lauguage while also preparing her for pre-school. she has a creative soul that is expressed through sewing and other craft hobbies. family gatherings are her favorite events to attend. she hopes to one day be a published author of poetry and a memoir as well as other genres. she hopes that her writings will one day inspire someone like the many characters and books she has read have inspired her throughout her life.

Image Credit : Pop H  “coeur brisé / Broken heart,” Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0.