Author: melony_hodge

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Senses Of Grief

by Melony Hodge Butterflies, corner eyes, reflections on dark screens. Quick looks, Red, red, red, red, red, and red again. Mickey Mouse and vivid dreams. Loud noises, unexplained. Cackling laughs, mischievous baby girl. So many […]

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Image of cityscape seen through a window with raindrops on it.

Remembering When

by Melony Hodge¬† Home. It’s still there. Even after all the other addresses 878, where it all began. I remember When Holiday traditions bled into growing up When love and magic kept us fed Cookouts, […]

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My Best Friend

by Juan Paredes   Some days I miss you dearly On bad days you consoled me On good days you celebrated with me When reality gets too much you embrace me No matter where I’m […]