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Some Questions for Elias Bailey

What inspired you to write “Inseparable”? My inspiration for Inseparable is the loss of my mother and father so close together just prior to Covid. They stay on my mind constantly, and I’m sure they […]

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by Elias Bailey Above you, father, a video montage is displaying the most joyful and carefree moments of your life before we met. Wonderful images of you as a little boy playing with your siblings, […]

Some Questions for Edernis Adames

What inspired you to write “Breaking the Mold”? Breaking the Mold was actually an assignment for English 101. We were asked to write a narrative about the turning points in our academic careers. I chose […]

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Breaking the Mold

by Edernis Adames The lopsided desk wobbled as I took a seat. My legs barely fit under it. I moved my arm to reveal the etchings that covered the wooden top of the desk, one […]

Some Questions for Viviana Peña

What inspired you to write “The Birth”? I was inspired to write “The Birth” by an experience I had during labor. I realized while writing this story how deep the wounds were from my experience, […]

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The Birth

by Viviana Peña It was time for Francesca to push, she felt exhausted from being poked and prodded. The repeated questions from the nurse about how she was feeling made her anxious. She wished she […]

Some Questions for Arben Alovic

What inspired you to “Cherry Blossoms”? Call me a sucker for a love poem? In all reality, I’m really not a love poet. I can’t say I ever have been, but I wanted to capture […]

Some Questions for Alicia Evans

What inspired you to write “Love in Quarantine”? During COVID I thought about what happens now to the couples that were living as roommates. Now they are forced to spend time together, to speak to […]

Some Questions for Angelica I. Ayala

What inspired you to write “Sunlight”? My mental health journey inspired me to create this poem. With my partner by my side, it has definitely given me the motivation to step into sunlight instead of […]

Some Questions for Clare Kenefick

What inspired you to write “Polarized Politics”? I have been writing more poems again in the past year or so and I am the only one who usually gets to see them. One of my […]

Some Questions for Kiara Byrd

What inspired you to write “Blank”? I wrote this piece for my ENG271 course this semester, my Professor Carrie Conners thought that the poetry my class wrote at that point was really good and that […]

Some Questions for Marlin Muñoz

What inspired you to write “Song for My Beloved”? What inspired me to write the poem that was submitted in The Lit in Spring 2022 was the original poem of Diane Di Prima “Song for […]

Some Questions for Michael Ferrin

What inspired you to write “Paradise”? I had spent some time thinking about my relationship with my father, I guess more specifically, the relationship my siblings and I have with my father. It is a […]

Some Questions for Samantha Morgan

What inspired you to write “My First Funeral is Yours”? It was maybe my second or third Creative Writing class, which I’m currently taking at LaGuardia, when my professor asked that we “Write what we […]

2022 Masthead Viviana Peña       Viviana served as co-editor in chief for The Lit. She is a single mother of two born and raised in New York City. She’s a full-time Creative Writing […]

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El Loco

by Ethan Velez  No one could tell you where El Loco came from. El Loco didn’t know himself and he never spoke a word. Some said he was not human, that his voice was stolen. […]

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Love in Quarantine

by Alicia Evans Charles is already on the front lawn when Michelle arrives. He hands her the noise maker that they use during their New Year’s celebration. At exactly seven o’clock they join their neighbors […]

Letting Go

by Stephanie Barrera Moran Stephanie Barrera Moran is a Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities major at LaGuardia Community College. Her self portrait includes linocut printmaking and the use of acrylic paint. She’s using flowers […]

Statue of Transition

by Maria Clara Perez Maria Clara Perez is Fine Arts student at LaGuardia Community College from Venezuela, who moved 3 years ago and is still experiencing the unlimited beauty of New York while expressing her […]

Art Work

by blessing kalu wilson blessing kalu wilson is an art student of LaGuardia Community College. This is their first published art work.

Self Portrait

by Lhakpa Doma Some Questions for Lhakpa Doma What inspired you to create “Self Portrait”? This is a self portrait which represents my religion, my ambition, and my personal nature. In the picture the flower […]


by Jeffrey Quinde Some Questions For Jeffrey Quinde What inspired you to create “Deprecandi”? One of my biggest flaws as a person is to sabotage myself with any opportunity given to me. I want to […]

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by  Michael Ferrin I call “shotgun” as soon as I step into the early evening. The others groan, but they know the rules: everyone has to be outside, you have to see the car, no […]