Some Questions for Edernis Adames

What inspired you to write “Breaking the Mold”?
Breaking the Mold was actually an assignment for English 101. We were asked to write a narrative about the turning points in our academic careers. I chose to talk about the connection between learning attitudes and academic experiences. I also chose to discuss how often in school, students are taught to absorb and regurgitate content instead of being taught to learn. By recalling three different times in my academic timeline where my relationship with school and learning differed, I attempted to show how I was able to come to this realization.

What was your writing process like for “Breaking the Mold”?
I started by mapping out things in my academic career that I could take inspiration from. Once I knew what I wanted to express and got myself in a coffee-induced groove, the words just flowed through me. My problem is that sometimes I say too much, so my first draft of Breaking the Mold was over 3000 words. I struggle with perfectionism, often getting discouraged and giving up when my writing isn’t flawless. I had to make the realization that there is an infinite way to say things and that no first or even final draft will be objectively perfect. After that, it was a bit easier to kill my word babies. I edited and rewrote until I got to something that was more concise and clearly developed.

How has COVID impacted your creative work?
I was not the best writer in high school and usually struggled with writing essays and narratives. During Covid-19 quarantine I was able to use writing as an outlet for my feelings and subsequently develop my skills. I also started reading for fun again in my downtime, which exposed me to a plethora of different writing styles.

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