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by Tamra Cosby [trigger warning: sexual assault]   Dear Johnathan,   Looking at my GPA reminds me of you I am reminded of the paralyzing pain swollen pussy your peculiar smile in my head like […]

Daydreaming — COVID 19 Inspired

by Diana Athena Falling deeper and deeper into the softness of white cotton cloudy morning Walking on my tippy toes over the hardwood floor of the living room Catching the spring with the corners of […]

Reunion Dinner

by Caiwu Chen   Cooktop firing, water boiling, Lids dancing on the pot. Lingering smoke penetrates from kitchen door, Trigger the hungers longing for the dinner. Knife kiss cutting board Making DaDa sound, Traveling child, […]

Staple Food

by Tenzin Diki ངའི་ཞིམ་པའི་བོད་ཟས། Tsampa: my customary food, both salty and sweet. Prepared with bare hands. Roasted barley flour, Yak butter, Chura ཆུར་ར་ cheese and churning salted tea. Sacred ingredients of a wealthy food culture. […]


by Jason DeMartino Temporary treasure trove. Hardened and experienced. Durable. Deciding the essentials. Personality of a chameleon: shifting its entrails, adjusting to different destinations, and changing ages. The suitcase grows as we do, from diapers […]

Saturn’s Return

After Audre Lorde’s “Hanging Fire” by Iris Alufohai [Author’s note: In horoscopic astrology it takes Saturn 29 years to orbit the sun and return back to the same place in the sky that it was […]

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Night of Rock n’ Roll

After Joe Brainard by Melany Tapia  I remember the smell of beer spilled by a guy whose head bopped to the beat of the drums. I remember bumming cigarettes off pierced, vibrant strangers. I remember […]

Sneaker on a Landline

by Raki Jordan I hang from my hairs on a landline, twirling and rocking back and forth in the sky, hairs intertwined with each other – body possessed by wind, signaling which direction it’s traveling […]

Ain’t I African?

by Raki Jordan I was born on water, in a country called boat – Ain’t I African? Swollen nostrils, protruding lips, feet still running from the waters; hair intertwined with maps navigating me home – […]