Reunion Dinner

by Caiwu Chen


Cooktop firing, water boiling,
Lids dancing on the pot.
Lingering smoke penetrates from kitchen door,
Trigger the hungers longing for the dinner.
Knife kiss cutting board
Making DaDa sound,
Traveling child, distance from home,
gripped train ticket.


Red tofu, white jiaozi,
Green lettuce, brown plaice.
Chopsticks waving in the air,
Sauce flows out from mouths.
Fireworks  blossom in dark sky
Attracting curious kids leaving to see outside.
Greetings pump out from screens,
Settled soul, partition by window
with chilling lonely wind.

Caiwu Chen studies Computer Science at LaGuardia Community College. He was born and grew up in mainland China. His Chinese background, food, and family are his values and inspiration for creating.