Category: Special Features 2023

Some Questions for Alexandra Rivera

What inspired you to write “A Promise Goes Both Ways”? I wrote “A Promise Goes Both Ways” for my introduction to creative writing course after being prompted to create a flash fiction piece. “A Promise […]

Some Questions for Victoria Segarra

What inspired you to write “Ode to a Strange Planet”? I actually wrote “Ode To A Strange Planet” as an assignment for a creative writing course I took last year at LaGuardia. We had to […]

Some Questions for Kaylin Rivera

What inspired you to write “Era Death”? “Era Death” was something that I randomly thought of. We’ve seen the idea of writing letters to your child self and letting them know you’ve succeeded or are […]

Some Questions for Robbie Atienza

What was your writing process like for this piece? In my creative writing course last semester, I was tasked with writing a flash fiction piece. I took that opportunity to write a horror story because […]

Some Questions for Matthew Pacuruco

How did you begin this piece? Did the poem take a sudden turn that even you didn’t expect while writing? I began this piece during the early beginnings of the pandemic. Being enclosed and tightened […]

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I Pledge Allegiance

by Dom Glover [after Danez Smith]   You remember how in school they used to make us recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Each morning our young undeveloped overstimulated selves would be giddier than a motherfucker […]

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Childhood Fragments

by Favi Olmedo Chaotic mornings. Shoes scattered across the living room floor. Missing hairbrush, untamable bedhead. Blurting things out at random times. At the wrong times. Being carried after a bath, to bed, just because. […]