Cherry Blossoms

by Arben Alovic

sweet soft spring
breezes blow
i’m lost
in your waving hair
as the trees awaken
in colors of pink, white, green
the beginning
of my love
i lay on this blanket
beside you
as the sun breaks
through the petals
the sky wanted a better view
of you
as did i
even as the beauty of nature
like a painter mad
i cannot focus
on anything
but you
your aroma
your smile
the softness
of your touch
i see why the gods
envy humans
you’re the most beautiful flower
never seen before; never to exist again

sweet soft spring
your breeze blows
and in it
i found
a memory of beauty

Arben Alovic is an aspiring educator, a writer with no sense of direction, a lover of a good $1 slice of pizza and a #1 ranked player in Pokémon Showdown. He absolutely cannot write about himself in the 3rd person without it sounding like a dating profile, so instead he hopes he got you to laugh and wishes you luck, love and a good meal. Take care, and remember to respect everyone; we’re all stuck on this rock, so let’s do it smiling. ‘Til next time.

Image credit: “Cherry Blossoms,” clio1789. Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.