Mind & Soul

by Morgan Beck

the mind and soul
twists and contorts,
into shapes not even god
could newly dictate.

such an abomination,
the choked wheeze beckons
for salvation and pleas turned
demands are unheard.

tight-lipped with
the throat clasped tight,
you are a blight
with a plight.

appears the knight whose plated
armor casts beams of
light upon hidden savagery,
smites presented atrocities by
your inferior edict.

so selfish for wanting
to be set free.

Morgan Beck is a twenty-one year old hobbyist writer born in Hackettstown, New Jersey of Brazilian origin and is currently residing in New York. Creative writing has ultimately been one of her favorite hobbies since attending William Cullen Bryant High School in addition to that school’s writing club. Her favorite genre when it comes to her writing has always been fictional or otherwise fantasy pieces fueled by intense emotions or imagery. As of 2022, she is anticipating graduation at LaGuardia Community College with a degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English.

Image credit: “Color Twists,” Iclower19. Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.