Category: Poetry 2021

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by Stella Gleitsman I thought a towel in my room was a man today I thought a clothing rack was a man when I went out shopping I thought there was a man behind the […]

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Ode to the Sun

by Stella Gleitsman We think we are big men But the only big man is the sun The sun is the biggest crone in the galaxy And we owe her our life She is stretched […]

rancour, black

by Amir Bouanane the gathering of ether, the dancer in the morgue and the crow perched awaiting the toll of 6 p.m. then it bites the night, this gavel that fares better for its midday patrons, […]

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October Silhouette

by Amir Bouanane she bought two bottles of raindrops— matched the evening with a light. drowning rituals, exhales for past -time; in every game—an outcome. the memory vendor omits this part— it doesn’t undo the […]


by Iris Triunfel Flores My mind is a thief at the bank of comfort; drop of water lands on tissue disease makes the body ache hug lasts too long ball bounces far out my grasp […]

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Tears of a Clown

by Brianna Jo Hobson Eyelash curl, the insect lipstick is wet. Heartstrings cut, the eyeshadow castrate. My smile, a deep segmented crack—foundation coils to jack in the box my neck. No matter how much I […]


by Brianna Jo Hobson Apron string, tied and undone like an umbilical cord Stitching needle loops through hypodermic buttonhole I cinch every waist that dears to breathe, Every pupil that tears to cry or prickle […]

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Something Lost

by Louis Febres It started out small. Borrowing from brothers, sisters, cousins, and neighbors, until it grew strong enough to stand on its own. We took it from our tiny village as we braved nearby […]