by Iris Triunfel Flores

My mind is a thief at the bank of comfort;
drop of water lands on tissue
disease makes the body ache
hug lasts too long
ball bounces far out my grasp
glue keeps my back against the wall
sugar rush brings me down
mosquito hums too close to my ear
      tiny bass player
an affliction of the heart
a flea sticks to fur

My mind is a white room with one window;
I love you leaves you speechless
pill with a long list of possible side effects
      speedily acknowledge
words slice another’s soul
possibility of boarding a train about to leave
balloon was supposed to soar high
crushed snail
Daylight illuminates the rough edges
Moonlight reigns over someone that’s not me.

My mind is the brake to a speeding car;
a flower that blooms
box decorated with truth
an extension cord of all connections
      home to the curious
unit with omnific intent
it is the wick that burns


Iris Triunfel is currently a sophomore at LaGuardia Community College, majoring in Writing and Literature. She started writing poetry in her second year of high school and has since been dedicated to further expanding her knowledge of writing. She never had taken a poetry class or shared her writing before but LaGuardia Community College, more specifically the poetry writing course, was the first place where she shared her writing pieces and learned what it meant to truly write. There is a certain vulnerability in sharing your creativity with others, but Iris believes one of the most valuable things is the feedback you receive from people that want to help.